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I am a high school student, who is absolutely OBSESSED with Kpop. I love eating icecream/sorbet and popcorn. I'm not really a sweet tooth, but I have an affinity for lemon slice. I have a constant craving for savoury snacks and any summer fruits like watermelon :XD:

Might I mention that I am an absolute MASTER of procrastination and sleeping? I can sleep until two o-clock in the afternoon...XD I go to bed too late T__T Damn procrastination.

I also love to read. I'm a pretty fast reader and always eager for more books to read. Any suggestions? Comment on my profile or send me a note! :D

Regarding Kpop, I am proud to say I am biased towards SM Entertainment :XD:

Please check out my Wattpad!

My Youtube user is Snoopy44Icecream.…
  • Listening to: CN BLUE - I'm Sorry
  • Reading: Preloved (by Shirley Marr)
  • Watching: Hunter X Hunter (2011)
  • Playing: Cut The Rope
  • Eating: Sakata Rice Crackers
  • Drinking: Nothing, I'm a camel.

Haha, as always, it's been far too long. :ashamed: Damn procrastination.  *sigh*

Anyways, I've been tagged by :iconxanatos-leo: Thank you so much! This is the first time I've ever been tagged by anyone :D

The rules:
1.You must post these rules.
2.Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3.Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4.You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5.Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6.No nonsense in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."
7.You have to tag 10 people.

10 Things about Myself...

1. A turtle winked at me once. I swear. :happybounce:

2. I'm an Australian-born-Taiwanese :D

3. I have really bad dust allergies. I have the most annoying sneeze attacks at the most inconvenient times. :sneeze: And because dust exists everywhere, I am pretty much blowing my nose wherever I go :runnynose:

4. I have minor thalassaemia = super sleepy and tired all the time :sleepy: = I need to get more sleep...(like that's ever gonna' happen XD) :sleep:

5. I love romance. :heart: But I can't stand clichés!!! :pissedoff:

6. I cry a lot. Like A LOT. And really easily too. :cries: (I tear up every time I listen to the LOTR soundtrack)

7. My favourite type of music is Kpop (if you haven't already guessed that through my username...)

8. Ice cream and sorbet are my life :la:

9. I'm 160cm tall, in the mornings that is...;)

10. I make this really weird "cow-mooing" noises early in the morning. On a field trip, my friend thought it was a lawnmower and went to the windows to check :XD:

Now for :iconxanatos-leo:'s questions:

1. Funniest moment you ever experienced xD

Too many :XD:

2. Ever broken a bone?  

Nope, and I don't plan to :D (I injure myself in plenty of other ways)

3. Who do you know in person on dA?

My very good friend, Mary, who I know since Year 7 and goes to the same high school as me :) Please check out her deviantART page! :iconmakkukka:

4. What is a great inspiration(s)?

I find a lot of inspiration in books, movies, the music I listen to, singers/actors, some Youtubers, and of course deviantART...Nature itself, is an inspiration too! It just amazes me as to how beautiful the world can be. Real life situations are also a source of inspiration for me.

5. What is your #1 passion?

Oooohhhh that's a really hard one :XD: It would either be singing or painting. I don't have much time to develop my skills as an artist, and neither have I ever taken singing or painting lessons, so my skills are that of an amateur, but still, I really enjoy doing those things very much :)

6. How many languages do you know?

English is my first language, and I speak Mandarin at home, but not to a super high degree, just more conversational. I'm currently studying Japanese and French at school. I wish I knew Taiwanese because my parents always talk in Taiwanese when they're talking about me -__-

7. Ever been outside the country? Where?

Yes. I have been to Taiwan, Japan, Korea, France, Belgium and Holland. If I were to also include the places where I have stopped at to change flights, I have also been to Singapore, Malaysia and China. I'm going to France again this year in the Term 3 holidays in September on a school study tour :D My family and I go back to Taiwan nearly every year if we can (to visit relatives and all that).

8. Do you like choco pie xD

...never had one :XD:

9. What color are your eyes?

My eyes are "black", but technically no-one has black eyes, so I'll just say a really dark brown ;)

10. Do you paint your nails?

Not really. I have pretty small, square shaped nails, so I have to grow them out quite long before I could paint them to make it look nice. And because I started learning to play the cello, I can't grow out my nails anymore (have to keep them short! -_-).

And here are my questions~~~

1. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
2. What is your absolutely favourite "heart-broken" or "sad" song?
3. If you had the ability to control one element, what would it be and why?
4. If you had only ONE wish (in which you can't wish to have more wishes), what would you wish for?
5. Lions or tigers?
6. What is the most awkward/embarrassing situation you have ever been in?
7. Any pet peeves?
8. Favourite time of the year?
9. Which country would you want to live in and why?
10. How many hours of sleep do you usually get?

And here are the people I tag~~~;)

:iconmakkukka: :iconbubbles30717:  :icondanijine96: :iconfruittartz: :iconjojoesart: :iconsandara: :iconzeiva: :iconakirakirai: :iconmeago: :iconxanatos-leo: (Sorry Leo, I know you've been tagged a lot. You don't have to do this if you don't want to :))

Until next time!

~Olivia ^^

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